Structures that are
built to last

General Shale’s Endurance RS4™ Structural Brick – when combined with continuous insulation – is the ideal solution for meeting 2012 Energy Code requirements with minimal labor and cost adjustments. It can also help lower a building’s Home Energy Rating System score.

The RS4 stands for “Real Strong, Real Safe, Real Sustainable, Real Smart” - the 4 Rs. Endurance RS4 Brick is safer, stronger, more energy efficient and sustainable, and is designed for structural longevity. This product eliminates the need for load-bearing wood or steel framing and has excellent thermal mass properties. In addition, the product is suitable for any type of foundation, withstands higher loads and meets seismic requirements.

It is the perfect solution for homes, especially in areas prone to high winds, tornadoes and earthquakes. It is also recommended for important commercial or government buildings, such as hospitals, schools, courthouses and police stations.

An Endurance RS4 brick is larger than a normal brick, which means it can be installed with minimal labor and overall cost adjustments. With new, solid-sheet insulation and General Shale’s method for reinforcing the brick, it virtually eliminates the need for wood or steel sub-framing.