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Find inspiration from the wide selection of General Shale’s many brick and stone options. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced do-it-yourself expert, here you will find how-to videos and downloadable content for all of your home decorating or construction needs.

[-] Literature File Type File Size
  Great American Homes Volume One PDF5 MB
  Great North American Homes Volume Two PDF7 MB
  Great North American Homes Volume Three PDF10 MB
  Thin Brick Brochure PDF3 MB
  Thin Brick Quadfold Brochure PDF541 KB
  Thin Rock Brochure PDF10 MB
  Thin Rock Quadfold Brochure PDF486 KB
  Outdoor Living Ideas Brochure PDF4 MB
  Brick Is A Natural Brochure PDF437 KB
  Endurance RS Brick POS PDF243 KB
  Outdoor Living Six Panel Brochure PDF1 MB
  King Size Brick Quadfold Brochure PDF963 KB
  Precast Thin Brick Panels Sell Sheet PDF4 MB
 Alfresco Kitchen Series Order Form PDF1 MB
 Brick Brochure PDF7 MB
 GS CCP Color Selection Sheet PDF2 MB
 GS CCP Plant Brochure PDF1 MB
 GS Commercial Overview Brochure PDF1 MB
 Musuem of Ancient Brick Brochure PDF425 KB
 ODL Mini Brochure PDF2 MB
 Pavers Brochure PDF1 MB
 VersaLok SS PDF405 KB
[-] Technical Bulletins and Documents File Type File Size
 Ashlar Series Tech Bulletin PDF2 MB
 Block Fire Ratings PDF18 KB
 Block Grout Fill Quantites PDF94 KB
 Block Lintel Capacities PDF167 KB
 Brick Chips Garden Trak Estimating Information PDF107 KB
 Brick Cleaning Information PDF142 KB
 Brick Cleaning Information Diedrich PDF156 KB
 Brick Cleaning Information Spanish PDF117 KB
 Brick Color Selection PDF89 KB
 Brick Fire Resistance Ratings PDF162 KB
 Brick Sample Boards PDF126 KB
 Brick Specification PDF130 KB
 C Hollow Brick - Construction Specifier PDF3 MB
 Chimney Checklist - Concrete Cap PDF226 KB
 Chimney Checklist for Weather Resistance PDF222 KB
 Chimney Repair PDF115 KB
 Clay Brick vs. Concrete Brick. PDF72 KB
 Cold Weather Admix PDF129 KB
 Cold Weather Recommendations PDF137 KB
 Commercial Sustainability Flyer PDF133 KB
 Concrete Paving Systems PDF185 KB
 Corbelled Masonry PDF141 KB
 Decorative Garden Walls PDF3 MB
 Efflorescence Causes Control Removal PDF76 KB
 Efflorescence Information PDF81 KB
 Half-High CMU PDF5 MB
 Heat Island Effect PDF257 KB
 Leaky Walls in Brick Buildings PDF98 KB
 Light Weight King Code Requirements PDF86 KB
 Lightweight Engineer Tech Bulletin PDF201 KB
 Lightweight Engineer Modular EM Units PDF180 KB
 Long Span Brick Lintels PDF151 KB
 MSDS Brick ( - - ) PDF57 KB
 MSDS Thinbrick ( - - ) PDF56 KB
 MSDS-Adair® Limestone- PDF93 KB
 MSDS-Arriscraft Cast Stone- PDF1 MB
 MSDS-Concrete Block PDF87 KB
 MSDS-Manufactured Product- PDF1 MB
 Painted Brick Home PDF109 KB
 Paving - Bonded Clay Paver Edge Restraint with Bituminous Setting Bed PDF197 KB
 Paving Systems - Pathway Concrete Stones PDF378 KB
 Paving Systems Clay PDF233 KB
 Permeable Pavers PDF304 KB
 Pressure Washing Information PDF127 KB
 Rilem Test PDF102 KB
 Rule of Thumb Conversion Factors PDF132 KB
 Rule of Thumb Figures PDF147 KB
 Single Wythe CMU Walls PDF7 MB
 Staining Policy PDF117 KB
 Sustainability Tech Bulletin PDF159 KB
 Sustainability Brick Vs Other Exteriors PDF80 KB
 Sustainability Brochure Residential PDF159 KB
 Tech Bulletin Bagging PDF1009 KB
 Tech Bulletin Concrete Paving Systems PDF361 KB
 Thin Brick-Loxon WUFI Analysis td PDF2 MB
 Thin Brick Code Compliance PDF100 KB
 Thin Brick Do it Yourself Kit PDF188 KB
 Thin Brick Install Matrix PDF119 KB
 Thin Brick Installation Guide PDF2 MB
 Thin Rock Code Compliance PDF118 KB
 Thin Rock Installation Guide PDF2 MB
 Vehicular Paver Specification PDF131 KB
 Versa-Lok Rule of Thumb Guidelines PDF493 KB
[-] Architectural Catalog Shapes File Type File Size
 Bell Coping PDF42 KB
 External Angle - External Angle PDF39 KB
 Ogee Coping - Ogee Coping PDF44 KB
 Ogee Rowlock Watertable - Ogee Rowlock Watertable PDF43 KB
 Ogee Rowlock Watertable Corner - Ogee Rowlock Watertable Corner PDF40 KB
 Ogee Stretcher Watertable - Ogee Stretcher Watertable PDF39 KB
 Ogee Stretcher Watertable Corner - Ogee Stretcher Watertable Corner PDF40 KB
 Ogee Tread - Ogee Tread PDF42 KB
 Ogee Tread Corner - Ogee Tread Corner PDF44 KB
 Sill - Sill PDF44 KB
 Sill Return Left - Sill Return Left PDF51 KB
 Sill Return Right - Sill Return Right PDF51 KB
[-] Detailed Technical Drawings File Type File Size
 Bay Window Flashing - Step Type Sheet PDF95 KB
 Bay Window Flashing - Step Type Sheet PDF70 KB
 Bay Window Flashing - Step Type Sheet PDF162 KB
 Bay Window Flashing - Tray Type Sheet PDF159 KB
 Bay Window Flashing - Tray Type Sheet PDF84 KB
 Bay Window Flashing - Tray Type Sheet PDF64 KB
 Brick Masonry Bond Patterns PDF72 KB
 Brick Veneer Foundation Wall PDF50 KB
 Brick Veneer Head Jamb PDF47 KB
 Brick Veneer Sill Detail PDF47 KB
 Detail Block Backup PDF116 KB
 Detail Block Backup Spanish PDF76 KB
 Detail Brick Planter PDF95 KB
 Detail Brick Planter Spanish PDF91 KB
 Detail Masonry Chimney PDF59 KB
 Detail Porch Wall Section PDF55 KB
 Detail Pre-Fab Chimney Spanish PDF53 KB
 Detail Veneer Wall PDF62 KB
 Detail Veneer Wall Spanish PDF58 KB
 Elliptical Arch PDF49 KB
 Elliptical Arch With Background Brick PDF60 KB
 Flashing at Parapet PDF49 KB
 Jackarch PDF41 KB
 Long Span Arch Flashing PDF91 KB
 Oval Elliptical Opening PDF53 KB
 Oval Elliptical Opening with Background Brick PDF70 KB
 Palladian Arch PDF51 KB
 Palladian Arch With Background Brick PDF63 KB
 Parapet Detail PDF69 KB
 Paving - Bonded Clay Paver Edge Restraint PDF96 KB
 Paving - Clay Paver Precast Concrete or Cut Stone Edge Restraint with Bituminous Setting Bed PDF91 KB
 Paving - Curb Edge PDF80 KB
 Paving - Curb Edge with Weep PDF97 KB
 Paving - Poured Concrete Curb and Gutter Edge Restraint PDF84 KB
 Paving - Proprietary Edge Restraint System PDF88 KB
 Paving - Small Penetration PDF70 KB
 Paving - Steel Angle Edge Restraint with Bituminous Setting Bed PDF92 KB
 Paving - Steel Angle Edge Restraint with Sand Setting Bed PDF82 KB
 Paving - Typical Brick Pavement PDF91 KB
 Paving - Typical Commercial-Pedestrian Public Plaza-Sidewalk PDF93 KB
 Paving - Typical Light Duty Vehicular PDF92 KB
 Paving - Typical Pavement with Bituminous Setting Bed PDF84 KB
 Paving - Typical Residential Driveway PDF92 KB
 Paving - Typical Residential Patio or Walkway PDF91 KB
 Segmental Arch PDF46 KB
 Segmental Arch B PDF51 KB
 Semi-Circular Arch PDF55 KB
 Semi-Circular Arch B with Background Brick PDF58 KB
 Semi-Circular Arch with Background Brick PDF58 KB
 Shelf Angle Support with Horizontal Expansion Joint PDF61 KB
 Steel Stud Parapet PDF76 KB
 Watertable PDF54 KB
 Watertable PDF53 KB
[-] BIA Builder Notes File Type File Size
 Builder Notes - Brick Veneer Construction - Resisting Water Penetration PDF264 KB
 Builder Notes - Basics of Brick Veneer Construction & Workmanship Checklist PDF320 KB
 Builder Notes - Brick Veneer Construction - Advanced Flashing - Stepped Flashing, Bay Windows and Arches PDF465 KB
 Builder Notes - Brick Veneer Construction - Advanced Flashing - Roofs and Chimneys PDF322 KB
 Builder Notes Sustainabilty PDF144 KB
 Builder Notes Energy Efficiency PDF575 KB
 Green Sheets - Fiber Cement vs Brick PDF193 KB
 Green Sheets - Manufactured Stone vs Brick PDF193 KB
 Green Sheets - Stucco vs Brick PDF193 KB
 Green Sheets - Vinyl vs Brick PDF193 KB
[-] NCMA File Type File Size
Download any of the NCMA documents below or access the e-TEK notes for the most up-to-date documentation.
 TEK - ReCycled Content PDF182 KB
 TEK - LEED HardScape PDF157 KB
[-] Wienerberger File Type File Size
 Wienerberger Sustainability PDF6 MB