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47 LB Bags of Portland Cement

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We had a great event with more than 40+ contractors and customers attending our Masons Day event! Watch this highlight video to see for yourself and contact us today to learn more about our Arriscraft products and more!

Inspiration Gallery

Have an idea in mind or a design you need help finding the right product for? Bring all your inspirational ideas to the showroom and let’s get to work on making your dream become a reality. 

Project Spotlight

Take a bird’s-eye view at this beautiful “Cavalry Gray” brick home built by Flaherty Builders. 

Make a Statement with Mortar

A great mortar color selection will maximize the overall design appeal of your project. Since mortar occupies near 20% of brick wall area, choosing a color that compliments your brick is important. For example, if your home’s design calls for a clean white facade, pairing a white brick like “Winter Haven” with a white mortar such as “Federal White” will maximize that appearance. By contrast, combining “Everest Gray Tudor” with mortar color “Midnight” will create an unmistakably dark finish. There are also many neutral, tan, and gray mortar colors in between!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to consider the short-term and long-term benefits of all siding materials before deciding which is best for your project. When comparing the features and benefits, square foot value, home configuration and total cost of construction, the comparative monthly cost of building a brick home can be very affordable.

Our website includes inspiration galleries featuring many of our products in finished projects. Don't see the product you like? Contact your local General Shale sales representative or send us a direct message below for assistance.

Thin brick is genuine clay brick that has been cut thin and is an ideal design solution for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors.  The reduced weight of thin brick is ideal for virtually any project.

General Shale manufactures brick that are meant to be painted, called "Artisans." When painting brick, use a mineral-based paint, such as "Romabio." Keep in mind, however, painting brick will require maintenance versus choosing a brick with a lighter finish.

To request a sample, visit our showroom or send us a message below.

Yes! Thin brick is a great solution for a unique floor design. While optional, you may consider sealing when complete for easier cleaning.

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