Make the Most of Mortar

Colors make a big difference in overall look

When building with brick, you may think of mortar color merely as an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Mortar may have initially been created for holding bricks together, but it’s now a way to add more personality and distinction to your home or commercial building.

Mortar makes up 18-24% of a brick building’s total surface area, and different colors of mortar can drastically change the look of a building, even when using the same color brick.

Mortar color is affected by the type and color of sand as well as mortar colorants.  Colored mortar may cost a bit more, but when you price by the square foot, it may only cost pennies more per square foot. 


One great example of how mortar can be used creatively is The Foundry Cinema and Bowl in Winter Park, Colorado. The developers wanted the building to have the look and feel of an aged warehouse and were able to achieve that with different colors of mortar.

Since many warehouses were not built at the same time, The Foundry was able to achieve a similar look using three different colors of mortar with the same brick. The mortar colors are grey, white and black, and the application is intentionally imperfect in places to add to the authenticity of an older building.

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