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Building A Sustainable Future


EARTH with John Holden features General Shale

General Shale has been featured on EARTH with John Holden ! The series travels the globe highlighting companies defined by their efforts in sustainability and innovation. You can watch General Shale’s segment now by clicking the video here!

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General Shale’s mission has always rested on manufacturing sustainable building materials. Our commitment is to lead our industry and model sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are doubling our efforts to design and discover pragmatic measures with high sustainability impacts.

A Commitment to Biodiversity

Without fertile lands to draw natural clay deposits, we wouldn’t have sustainable materials such as brick. Our commitment back to these lands includes efforts to restore what existed and promote the restoration of ecological systems that foster a variety of fauna populations.

Connected to the Community

We are proud to partner with organizations in the communities in which we live. With direct impacts across the lower 48 of the U.S. and Canada, we have had the opportunity to partner with more than 45 organizations and build more than 14 homes in the past two years. 

Promoting Sustainable Solutions

Our efforts include research through projects to provide solutions for a more sustainable future in the building industry. Whether in the following new build or renovating an existing structure, we strive to pioneer solutions for all consumers.

Before After

Vinyl home replaced with Thin Brick 

©Marjolein den Hartog

The Wienerberger Sustainability Program

The Wienerberger Group

Wienerberger is General Shale North America’s parent company based in Vienna, Austria. Wienerberger is a leading international supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions whose vision is to improve people’s quality of life and shape the future of construction

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