Black Bricks & Dark Masonry Colors

Champions in Architecture - Dark Neutrals

White tones may be trending among brick colors but so are darker options. Yes, even black bricks!  Once again, brick demonstrates its ability to offer benefits other materials simply cannot. This natural design element runs the color spectrum from chic soft whites to bold, contemporary blacks and they are all available at General Shale.


Black Clay Brick Options

Under the General Shale umbrella, customers are offered a wide-range of products from well-known brands in the industry. Beginning with black and dark gray, Coal KT and Slate from our Watsontown Brick line are extremely popular and on the rise in residential and commercial designs. General Shale Brick’s Mistyhallow and thin brick counterpart, Blacksmith, are also both exceptional choices for designs that call for a black or dark brick finish.

Coal KT
Blacksmith - Old Brick Originals™

Dark Building Stone Options

Our Arriscraft Building Stone line provides additional dark masonry solutions for residential and commercial designs.  In fact, our new Linear Series offers Obsidian for an ultra-contemporary finish. Additional looks include Midnight Grey Laurier, Steel Gray Shadow Stone and Dusk of the Urban Ledgestone Series.  If names are anything to go by, we bet you are already feeling inspired!

Obsidian - Architectural Linear Series Brick
Midnight Grey - Laurier
Steel Grey - Shadowstone
Dusk - Urban Ledgestone


Fresh from the kiln and shipping soon are two new and exclusive black brick options from our Moncure and Roanoke plants – Midnight Mist and Shadowfield!

Contact your local General Shale sales representative for expected availability and stay tuned for the official announcements!

Midnight Mist