Fresh From the Kiln - New Products in 2019

Do you have a building project coming up soon and need some inspiration?  Here you will find our newest brick and stone building materials from 2019!


Announced in January 2019, Metropolitan Building Stone features 31-5/8" lengths in three distinct face heights.  The series is designed for efficient installation resulting in dramatic impact and offers a bold, yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Grand Bay

Announced March 7, 2019, Grand Bay features a mostly white apperance with subtle hints of its red body underneath.  The added impressions on the face of the bricks strike an ideal balance between classic and modern.

Morning Shade

Announced March 7, 2019, Morning Shade includes a multitude of color variations from dark browns to speckled tans. Its moderately distressed face texture brings forth a truly earthy presentation. 

Nuala Ridge

Announced March 7, 2019 and similar to our "Insbrook" brick, Nuala Ridge is sure to appeal to building designs calling for a rugged texture with a dark display appearance.

Winter Haven

Announced March 28, 2019, Winter Haven, as the name suggests, dislays a snowy-white coating that covers nearly all of the brick with soft hints of the brown earthen underbody showing through for added character.

Winter Haven King Size

Announced March 28, 2019, Winter Haven is also available in King Size for a beautiful and economical option for homebuilders.

Blacksmith Thin Brick

Announced June 11th, 2019, Blacksmith offers an entirely new color option to the Old Brick Originals thin brick line. Its deep, chocolate brown body enables designers to create dramatic contrasts in their modern designs while maintaining a rustic charm.

Cornerstore Thin Brick

Announced June 11th, 2019, Cornerstore offers the first near monochromatic option in the Old Brick Originals thin brick line. Its light beige finish works well to enhance the feeling of spaciousness in any room design.



Announced October 3rd, 2019, Elements Thin Brick introduces six alluringly colors in Aurora, Ember, Gateway, Millennium, Nightfall, and Steely that are thoughtfully developed to suit even the most modern design sensibilities.